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Fruits and vegetables are naturally healthy. There is no doubt that natural acids and fibre from these foods help eliminate the production and accumulation of harmful toxins in the body which causes a lot of dreadful illnesses or diseases to humans. No wonder it’s been taken advantage by vegans and vegetarians all over the world. Their diet is mainly composed of organic, plant-based raw materials that can either be prepared in the kitchen or bought from drugstores and selected supermarkets.

There are actually a lot of food supplements available for anyone to purchase, but many are still asking about what’s really the best source of vegan protein. The answer is almost anything sold in the market can literally be considered best by whoever takes it based on the needs of the body. The primary assurance is food research and development. A careful study has been taken into consideration that is linked directly on how the human body accepts or rejects it at some point in the process.

Since humans have different metabolism capabilities, our body reacts uniquely on what’s been taken by the mouth, digested by our intestines and absorbed by our system. The point is that bodily reactions may not be identical unless if it’s a coincidence. In short, what others would find undesirable to eat may be good for the taste buds of others.

To paint a clear picture of these circumstances, here are a few, easy-to-follow comparisons:

Dry versus slimy veggies

Preparing the best organic vegan protein powder could be done in a grinder or in a blender. Dry vegetables usually can be chopped and minced before placing it in a mill to be finely powdered. There are instances when chunks or bits of vegetables are not perfectly powdered. The best thing to do is pick it up instantly and place it for the second time with the rest of the remaining vegetables to be grounded.

On the other hand, fruits or vegetables that are naturally moist and slimy should be prepared in a blender. Vegans who would experiment on making shakes or smoothies usually combine different ingredients but with similar qualities in a blender. A quick churn of the machine could give a vegan a  healthy and a mouth-watering refreshment. More often, dry vegetables are easy to chew and swallow as compared to moist vegetables that somehow gives the drinker an awkward and uncomfortable feeling while chewing or swallowing.

Nuts, legumes and crawling vegetables

Some people are allergic to peanuts and beans. Likewise, legumes and other “crawling” vegetables also could cause an unusual reddening, itching, and swelling of the skin in a form of watery rashes. This can be solved by medication, but health-conscious people prefer not to go after synthetic medicine. They would just apply external remedy or do nothing, knowing that it’s just temporary. A lot of these are excellent sources of vegan protein can be planted and nurtured in the backyard for future use.

Vanilla and chocolate vegan protein

People with a sweet tooth have the probability of gaining more weight that is brought about by plenty of sugar or glucose in the body. However,  most vegan protein manufacturers found a healthy alternative of mixing your sweet cravings with the ideal fruits and vegetables available in the market. Even if it’s sugar-free, the texture and overall appearance of your vegan protein will look exactly as what you have originally expected.

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