Finding the right Medical Facility

As a family member it is common to be concerned about the health of your loved ones. While it’s not necessary that everyone suffers the same medical issues, it is necessary to find a medical facility which can help cater to everyone when the need arises. The right medical Centre in Rockhampton should be one which provides medical facilities which cater to everyone. It should compromise of a panel of doctors which includes general physicians as well as specialists. Plus it’s also important that the facility has an onsite laboratory and x-ray facility.

When looking for a medical Centre make sure to keep all of the following things in mind:

  • Make sure that facility is neat and clean as well as well kept. This is because the Rockhampton medical centre caters to a number of people who suffer from allergies or health conditions which worsen when there is presence of dirt or dust. The major deciding factor should be is how clean or hygienic the environment at the facility is like.
  • Get to know if the medical centre has the necessary resources and information centres. The right facility has a medical library as well as internet access which makes it easier for doctors to help share their diagnosis with their patients and also provide resources for further information.
  • Get to know what kind of schedule the doctors follow. At a facility there are a variety of time slots to suit every patient. While some people would like to visit the facility in the morning there are those who would like to visit the facility in the evening or at later hours? Get to know if they have a set timing or is the centre open till late hours as well.
  • Does the facility have an emergency department? This is important because if you have already been visiting the facility, you have a file at the hospital. So if you visit in an emergency you can rest assured that your record is available and can be looked at when an emergency strikes. Often during such a situation a person might not be in condition to give general health information, having the record in hand can save the trouble of having to provide a medical history from the start.

  • Selecting a medical facility also entails that you have read about the facility and know it’s the right place where you could take your loved ones for their medical needs. You can visit their website to take a look at all the facilities being offered at the medical centre. A place which has a lab and a scanning room as well as a physiotherapy department should be your first choice. Imagine not having to run from one place to another to get the blood work done. If there is a lab onsite your result would automatically find their way into your medical file and easily available for your doctors to view in person and on the computer as well.

Queensland blood cancer deaths highest in a decade

The number of Queenslanders dying from blood cancer has reached its highest point since 2005, according to new statistics released today (March 08).

Latest data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics show 837 people in Queensland died from leukaemia, lymphoma, myeloma or a related blood disorder in 2014.

The numbers dying represent a 12% increase on the previous year.

Blood cancers now account for more than nine per cent of all cancer deaths in Queensland, and they claim more lives than breast cancer or melanoma.

“In most cases the exact cause of a blood cancer diagnosis remains unknown – and that’s unacceptable,” Bill Petch, CEO of the Leukaemia Foundation of Queensland, said.

“If we’re to beat blood cancer we must understand it better and that’s why the tireless work of our cancer researchers and scientists is so important.

“The fact 837 Queenslanders sadly lost their lives to blood cancer in a single year shows us there is still much work to be done finding better treatments for patients and improving their quality of life.”

Blood cancers are the most common cancer diagnosis among children.

Four-year-old Anthony Kerrison from Bellbowrie was diagnosed with leukaemia on 11 January 2016.  He was rushed to hospital with a fever and by the next morning he was having his first treatment for the blood cancer. His blood was 89% leukaemic which required urgent care.

Anthony’s mum, Adele Kerrison, said: “We became part of the statistic when our four-year-old beautiful, active, funny and smart little boy was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukaemia.”

Adele is joining her family in shaving her head during World’s Greatest Shave this week in a public show of support for her son while raising money for blood cancer research.

“This is the least we can do to show our support for our little warrior fighting this dreaded disease,” she added.

Get involved in World’s Greatest Shave at worldsgreatestshave.com and help the Leukaemia Foundation beat blood cancer.

Yoga pose

How Doing Yoga Will Help Your Health

You may have already heard or read about the important health benefits of doing yoga. Yoga is the Sanskrit word for union or yoke which means the union of the mind and body. A regular practice at a studio such as Yoga Hub will provide a constant stream of mental and physical well-being over time. Improved flexibility, reduced stress, and an enhanced mood are some of the notable health benefits of practising yoga regularly. This article provides information on the important health benefits of doing yoga.

Yoga helps you become more flexible with regular practice. It will bring a greater range of motions to tight areas of your body. The flexibility in your shoulders, hips, back, and hamstrings will improve with regular practice. If you are involved in a job that let you sit for most of the time during the day, your flexibility will decrease as you age. This will lead to issues in mobility and pain. Yoga is the best practice to reverse this process. That is why you need to incorporate yoga into your daily workout schedule. It will enhance your mental and physical well-being in the long run.

Improved balance is important for an individual when he or she is getting older. Yoga is the best practice to improve your balance as you age. Inversions and poses are a great way to build the core strength that helps keep you upright. The “tree pose” or balancing your body on one leg and the “downward facing dog pose” will help build your muscle strength over time. In fact, yoga requires to bear your body weight in new ways – which is important to build muscle strength in the process. As a result of improved muscle strength, you can expect to see increased muscle tone. In fact, yoga will help shape the long and lean muscles in your body such as the arms, back, legs, and abdomen areas. That is why you need to incorporate yoga into your daily workout schedule for better health benefits in the long run.

Improved flexibility and core strength will help decrease many types of back pains. Sitting for long periods will result in tightness throughout the body as well as spinal compression. Yoga will help reverse these conditions and prevent back pains in the process. Many people don’t know how to breathe properly. Yoga has many breathing exercises known as Pranayama which will help you breathe deeply. This will benefit the entire body in the long run. In fact, deep breathing will help calm the nervous system and prevent certain types of allergies. These are some of the most important mental and physical health benefits of incorporating yoga into your daily workout schedule.

Yoga is an ancient practice that helps unify the mind and body systems. The many mental and physical health benefits of yoga are already documented. That is why you need to incorporate this healthy practice to your daily workout schedule. It will give you a lot of mental and physical health benefit in the long run.

Home Health Care – Four Tips to Keep Yourself Cold Free

Only a couple of things are as irritating as capturing a cold or the influenza infection. You have a hectic life, and the last thing you need is to be down and out because you are ill. Luckily, with a couple of security preventative measures in place, you can put your best foot forward to prevent these conditions. While you might not have the ability to avoid them impacting your health 100%, you can side-step many events if you act carefully.

Here are 4 fast ideas to keep yourself cold-free…

Wash Your Hands Regularly

Initially, you will wish to guarantee you clean your hands regularly throughout the day. For sure after each time you use the restroom in addition to ideally after each time you have touched with public areas such as mall, supermarket, or other high-traffic locations.

You will have most likely touched something that makes everything the most likely you will then contract on of these bugs. By cleaning your hands, you will keep yourself germ-free.

Make certain you clean with quality soap and soap enough time to eliminate any germs.

Avoid Face Contact

It is also a must you prevent face contact. Do not touch your face unless required and just after you have cleaned your hands. Putting hands that have touched with public locations into your mouth, near your eyes, or near your nose will supply an outstanding way to move bacteria into these locations. These locations are where germs love to grow and increase. Hence they will undoubtedly trigger illness to embed in if you are susceptible.

Vegetables and Fruit Overload

One dietary change you can make to assist prevent becoming ill is to guarantee you are consuming an optimum dosage of fresh vegetables and fruits each and every day. These foods are chock loaded with anti-oxidants and will help to reinforce your body immune system, so must you enter into contact with different infections or germs, you can fend them off.

Concentrate on brilliantly colored fresh vegetables and fruits as these will have your greatest total vitamin C content.

Consume More Garlic

Lastly, focus on consuming more garlic. Garlic has  been shown to assist reinforce the body immune system and keep you feeling more powerful, so it is less most likely you will become diminish when you have this veggie in your menu.

Include garlic to any food you are cooking – as much as you can. In addition to enhancing your body immune system, it can also help you enhance heart health also.

Get these pointers in line, and you can be sure you will not be removed quickly by the cold or influenza infection this year.

Although handling your illness can be very tough, Type 2 diabetes is not a condition you need to simply deal with. You can make basic modifications to your day-to-day regimen and lower both your weight and your blood sugar level levels. Hang in there, the longer you do it, the simpler it gets.

Healthy Eating – Four Timings to Take Probiotics

If you are somebody who has an interest in optimizing your health, something you may be thinking about is your consumption of probiotics. These healthy germs reside in the stomach and help keep your body immune system strong, promote optimum food digestion, and keep your whole body operating in correct order.

While everybody has to be taking in a healthy dosage of probiotics regularly, there are specific times when you need to increase your dosage.

Let’s take a better take a look at the primary times when serving yourself a little additional dosage of probiotics is a sensible move…

When You Are Ill

Because probiotics play an important function in keeping your body immune system in leading shape, it is necessary you concentrate on taking in these probiotics when you are having problem with your health.

If you are presently ill, an additional dosage can offer you the power your body has to ward off whatever it is combating: assisting you return to ideal health. When you have an acute rhinitis or the influenza, in addition to when you are having problem with a health issue, an extra dosage might be practical.

After You Have Completed the Prescribed Antibiotics

While you are ill and need prescription antibiotics, they can be helpful. What they will not benefit is your gut health. Prescription antibiotics will eliminate any hazardous germs presently living in your system. Nevertheless, they will also secure all the “excellent” germs.

Serving yourself an additional dosage of probiotics throughout this time can help bring your gut environment back to optimum, guaranteeing your body immune system remains strong.

Before And During Travel

The next time it is a wise transfer to include a couple of additional probiotics to your day-to-day menu is before and throughout travel. Before travel, the objective is to make your body immune system as healthy as possible, which will help ward off any infections present in the area you are going.

Throughout the taking a trip duration, taking the probiotics will help keep your system as healthy as possible, and help you prevent any gastrointestinal problems that might happen due to consuming foods, not your common dining options. If you are everything about attempting local food when you take a trip, your palate might enjoy this, but your stomach might feel otherwise. Using a probiotic might help avoid undesirable concerns from happening.

Throughout Pregnancy

Lastly, the last time to make sure a probiotic exists in your life is throughout pregnancy. Keeping your body additional healthy at this moment is very important, and an excellent quality probiotic might help to minimize your danger of struggling with birth-related issues such as Gestational diabetes.

As you can see, a probiotic is not something you wish to slough off and ignore. It is an essential in any diet plan intending to keep you as healthy as possible.

Infographic by: Easy Health Options

Spices and Herbs That Can Improve Your Health

Numerous researches have revealed that seasoning your everyday food freely with spices and herbs can help you switch from boosters like salt or abundant sauces. Using spices and herbs will trigger your scheme to broaden without including any additional calories, and will help you reduce your consumption of sugar, salt or fat without needing to compromise taste.

Weight Control And Other Health Benefits Of Spices:

Spices can also efficiently help in managing your weight. As you include spices to increase the taste of your food, they impart more complete satisfaction to you in contrast with the boring food products. And the more you’re pleased, the lower you will have the tendency to overindulge.

Furthermore, spices like chili peppers consist of dihydrocapsiate, which enhances the fat-burning capability in human beings. Research studies also show that everyday consumption of capsaicin can decrease high blood pressure levels. Not just do spices and herbs enhance the taste of food products, but they also help protect the food for longer period.

Spices and Herbs for Improved Health:

So, the initial step is to spread out the understanding about numerous spices and herbs that can benefit your health when used every day in your food. Have a look at the following flavoring that you ought to use to enhance your body’s energy & vigor and help you stay healthy.



Cinnamon is frequently offered in most homes, but very couple of people use it frequently. It will amaze you to know that cinnamon consists of greatest quantity of anti-oxidants than other spice. It has also been shown that cinnamon decreases blood sugar level, triglyceride levels and swelling in the body.

Cinnamon can also help you get rid of queasiness, and can contribute to fat-burning procedure in your body. In addition, cinnamon includes calcium, manganese and iron to your body. And the anti-bacterial homes of this spice assists protect food for a long period of time.

Although, you restrict making use of this spice to preparing sweet meals like desserts, cookies and muffins, different parts of the world use cinnamon to prepare whatever from tasty to sweet preparations from early morning to night.



This herb uses antiviral and anti-inflammatory residential or commercial properties, and can also keep you from establishing osteoarthritis. Basil has also been used to deal with digestion issues, and more research studies on anti-cancer homes of basil are underway.



This spice includes cancer-fighting substance called curcumin. This substance is taken in medication type in the US for dealing with joint issues and for minimizing swelling.

These are a few of the spices and herbs that provide health advantages when contributed to your day-to-day cooking. Rather of including pepper and salt to your routine food, try using these flavoring to prepare tasty and healthy meals.

Exciting proposal to unite with the Leukaemia Foundation of Australia

The Board of Directors of both the Leukaemia Foundation of Queensland (LFQ) and the Leukaemia Foundation of Australia (LFA) are proposing the two entities unify in order to better address the needs of people with blood cancer and their families.

Bringing the two Foundations together to form one, united organisation would deliver many benefits. United we would be a stronger organisation with greater resources enabling us to increase the scale and scope of everything we do.

As we pass our 40th anniversary, the Board of Directors of LFQ and LFA recognise we face a very different set of challenges today than we did in 1975 when Dr Trevor Olsen, with the Holland Park Lions, established the Leukaemia Foundation.

A unified organisation will offer us the best opportunity to address these challenges and to deliver on our mission to beat blood cancer. It is therefore an opportune time to embrace change and to adapt to remain at the forefront of our sector, so we can continue to deliver the best possible outcomes to those impacted by blood cancer.

Financial members of the Leukaemia Foundation will be given the opportunity to vote on the unification and will be receiving relevant documentation in the mail from Monday 18 January. A resolution will then be made at special general meetings on Saturday 16 April.

You can read the details by downloading the document below, which has been prepared and sent to members of both organisations.