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Exciting proposal to unite with the Leukaemia Foundation of Australia

The Board of Directors of both the Leukaemia Foundation of Queensland (LFQ) and the Leukaemia Foundation of Australia (LFA) are proposing the two entities unify in order to better address the needs of people with blood cancer and their families.

Bringing the two Foundations together to form one, united organisation would deliver many benefits. United we would be a stronger organisation with greater resources enabling us to increase the scale and scope of everything we do.

As we pass our 40th anniversary, the Board of Directors of LFQ and LFA recognise we face a very different set of challenges today than we did in 1975 when Dr Trevor Olsen, with the Holland Park Lions, established the Leukaemia Foundation.

A unified organisation will offer us the best opportunity to address these challenges and to deliver on our mission to beat blood cancer. It is therefore an opportune time to embrace change and to adapt to remain at the forefront of our sector, so we can continue to deliver the best possible outcomes to those impacted by blood cancer.

Financial members of the Leukaemia Foundation will be given the opportunity to vote on the unification and will be receiving relevant documentation in the mail from Monday 18 January. A resolution will then be made at special general meetings on Saturday 16 April.

You can read the details by downloading the document below, which has been prepared and sent to members of both organisations.

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